Online Store General Questions

Q : What is Crypto Cipher?
A : Unique as it is in its novel approach, Crypto Cipher synchronizes rare sounds with the latest technology through an avant-garde project designed to benefit music composers and learners alike. Our workplace is in New Delhi, India.

QWhat is Crypto Cipher Online Store?
A : Crypto cipher online store is a product gallery on internet, where you can buy our Kontakt-based sample instruments designed with the aid of unique and highly engineered techniques.

Q : Who else are involved in your creative Team?
A : We understood creativity is greatest rebellion in existence; Our creative team includes Sumit , Rishabh , Kirti , Niraj and Santosh. Also many other Programmers and artist.

QWhat is Kontakt?
A : Kontakt is software sampler by Native Instruments. It can be used in PC/ Mac both as standalone and plug-in.

Q : How can I use Your Sample Library?
A : You can use purchased library with any other library in your production, with every purchase you are given individual private license.

Q : How your Support System works?
A : We are always available through email. Please send us your query at admin@wordpress-649199-4464328.cloudwaysapps.com, and we will try to respond with in 24 hours. It may take 48 hours in few cases. We will help you at our best.

Q : I would like to create demos for your sample libraries.
A : Demos highlighting Crypto Cipher instruments are welcome and will be shared with our friends via various modes. Please send us the soundcloud link at admin@wordpress-649199-4464328.cloudwaysapps.com

Q : I have created Patches/Multis using your libraries and want it to share with the world.
A : We are always happy if you want to share your creativity using our libraries, please send all patches/mutis without samples to admin@wordpress-649199-4464328.cloudwaysapps.com ,we will upload all patches/multis with your name on website for all license holders of that particular libraries.

Q : How can I stay in touch with your recent releases/announcements?
A : You can signup the newsletter at the footer area of Crypto Cipher Home Page, or by simply liking the Facebook page.

Order Processing / Downloading

Q : How to buy selected product from online store?
A : Please check the processing order page in down-menu of support tab.

Q : Is it safe to buy online?
A : We take payment through paypal, which is internationally respected gateway known for high security and customer services (www.paypal.com).

Q : What if I want hard copy of sample libraries at our doorsteps?
A : We are selling our products only as digital download, but still you can send us your requirement through email and we will surely get back to you.

Q : I am having trouble in downloading the product.
A : Don’t worry .Please check your internet connection speed, Try again, else we will set up personal links for you.

Technial Queries / Related to Formats/Compatibility

Q : Where can I find technical specifications of individual products?
A : Please check under Technical Specification Tab on product details page.

Q : Are their any tutorials for using these products?
A : Tutorials and demonstration of each product is explained under videos Tab on product detail page.

Online Recording

Q : I’m interested in music production training and have related questions.
A : Just email us at our email id : admin@wordpress-649199-4464328.cloudwaysapps.com , we will revert you back with details regarding course structure and other queries.


Q : What are corporate services?
A : All about audio production comes under this section and we are happy to hear from you , Contact us via email.