Licence Agreement

License Agreement: Crypto Cipher holds full ownership and control over all products and sounds offered on its website until their license purchase. The license of our products offers the original licensee the right to use them for commercial purpose as long as the following conditions are abided by –

 Reproduction, resale, relicensing or distribution of our audio samples and software in any form is strictly forbidden. The direct or original licensee of our product/sound does not have the liberty or right to edit, rent, upload, download or transfer the copy to any server from any server whatsoever. Violation of the agreement would lead to the termination of the license.

 Our products and sounds do not come with any warranty/refund system. The software will be sold “as is” with the entire responsibility weighing on the user once it is licensed. In case any defect is detected in a product, there is a replacement option available, for which a claim needs to be placed within 30 days. Crypto Cipher is in no way accountable if the licensee does not find the product any more useful for his/her primary purpose.

 Crypto Cipher shall, in no event, be accountable for any sort of resulting or incidental damages, which may include drop in business profits and other related loss.