Please Note : Solo Tabla Library/Instruments works with Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4.2 or Higher (Full Version).Free Players works for 30 minutes.

About Dholak

As already mentioned in our previous product “Dholak Loops”
Dholak has two sides – the bigger side produces bass sounds and smaller side produces treble pitches.It looks like Punjabi dhol but smaller in size and played with fingers/hands instead of sticks.The instrument shell is made of high quality sheesham wood.
Dholak is quite popular percussion instrument of India. Its has been used in Indian Film Industry and Folk music of India since inception. Its widely used in qawwali , bhajans , kirtan , lavani and bhangra. These days dholak is used in many fusion genres of music.

About Crypto Cipher Solo Dholak

This is the first and most advance playable “Solo Dholak” sampled instrument released till now with over 12,900 samples recorded with high quality equipments. Sampled Dholak was a always a great need of producers working in film industry and keeping their requirement in mind we started working on the concept and finally developed playable dholak instrument with the modern sound design capabilities.
You have fine control over each sound as well each side of dholak drum. Solo Dholak is recorded with Sontronics apollo (a Blumlein X/Y stereo ribbon microphone) , Royer 122 ,Lewitt mics and bodied mic. Mic mix settings can controlled via mic mixer given on UI.

Solo dholak is fine tuned instument . Both the sides of drum are tuned to F note

Dholak and Tabla Combo is extensively used in many bollywood movies.

You can now layer both our instruments and use “Remapping” feature and “Individual sound control rack” on top of UI and create a fine blend of two sounds. Use fine tune and ADSR control to mix each individual sound in layer (You can have snap of dholak sound and tail part of tabla sound) – This way you can create a fine mix of both these drums.
Just save the Multis Patch once to achieve your desired layered sound of our Solo Dholak and Solo Tabla.
You can also have bass drum of Solo Dholak and right treble drum of Solo Tabla or layered right drum of Solo Dholak & Solo Tabla ( Use Volume /Pan /Tune feature of individual drum control section on right side of UI)

Please Note : Solo Tabla is another product of Crypto Cipher , which is not included with this library.
Solo Dholak comes with many midi Patterns in traditional folk and classical patterns.

About the Dholak Artist

Prasenjit Mitra is master multi-percussionist of India. He is award winning “Solo Tabla” Player who has performed many times in India as well abroad.
Disciple of Farukhabad Gharana initially and than worked a lot with other gharana styles , which makes this style of playing very unique.
You can see his performance at Crypto Cipher studio here

We hope you will find this instrument useful and helpful in your productions.

Best Wishes and Love,
Crypto Cipher

• $79
• 12900+ samples and 3 mic mix positions
• One master patch with all controls on interface
• Left Drum , Right Drum and Combo Drums alphabets mapped in proper order
• Advance Remapping feature
• Each sound name display on UI
• Many articulations along with chromatic bass tones from E1-E2 ( Real dholak players play a lot with different bass modulations)
• Varieties of alphabets on right hand drum
• Special Pink keys with On-Off combination of alphabets
• Advance Scripting features total control over individual sounds.Each drum can be tuned/panned separately and each sound can be fine tuned.
• Create a nice balance of Left hand drum and Right hand drum according to taste
• Special effects on UI include – Wide effects , Mute effects(use mod- wheel) ,Doubler and Heat effects
• 7 impulse response reverbs
• Solo Dholak Sample Size – 1.03 NCW compressed.
• Bonus Midi Loops Included ,which covers Indian traditional Dholak patterns and various complex patterns
• Sample Resolution : 44.1khz/24 bit
• Format : Kontakt
• Note : Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. Product work with Kontakt 5.4.2 or higher full retail version only
• The “Add Library” import process do not support this standard format Kontakt library but you can use Kontakt file browser to load .nki Instruments