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Voices Of Ragas Vol – 2

Crypto Cipher Presents Ancient Indian Ragas .
This is the Second Voice Library of “Voices Of Ragas Series” Featuring two trained Indian Vocalist “Abinav Sridharan” and “Ujwal Nagar”

Voices Of Ragas Volume – 2 Covers many Ragas in variety of keys and speed. Library Cover Slow and Fast Sargams along with “Aalaps/Aahs!” , which don’t have any meaningful words in them and can be used freely in any theme.All the phrases have Speed Control Feature.

Some Basic Info about the Ragas –
“Raag”, the enunciation of the word itself is so sonorous.
Raga is a melodic combination of minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 musical notes that can evoke a specific mood and certain emotions while sounding aesthetically appealing to the ear. In the Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with different times of the day, or with seasons which speaks volumes for their emotive character
A typical Raga presentation has a defined song flow.
It begins with
Alaap :: A non lyrical improvised prologue to the notes involved in the Raga.
Then movies to the body of the composition called as Bandish :: The compositional phrase of the raga.
And further capitulates to Taans.
Taans :: A virtuosic style of singing the notes in the raga; when the notes are uttered with their respective names then it’s called Sargam taan and when they are sung without utterance of the note names then it’s called Akaar taan.
Best Wishes and Love
Crypto Cipher

. $69
. North Indian Hindustani Classical Style Raga Library
. Three Patches (Slow Sargams , Fast Sargams, Thunderous Raga Patch )
. Two Mature Male Voices
. Covered Aalaps / Aahs! , Phrases , Sargams.
. Many Phrases in Variety of Keys.
. Custom Script for Voices of Ragas
. Pink Keyswitch for Selecting Key of Phrase , Blue zones have Samples.
. Pitch wheel Control the speed of phrases .
. Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit Format
. Wave Files are kept unlocked .
. Format : Kontakt
. Note : Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. Product work with Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher full retail version.